About Rope Wrapper


Rope Wrapper is a fascinating game about balls. Draw a path for the rope, avoid foreign objects and tie the balls together.

In the game, your task is to tie the ropes and let the balls touch each other. The balls are floating. Let's bring them closer together by drawing lines for the rope to wrap the ball. You need to design the rewinding calculation of the wire very carefully.

Once you've created a circle, the rope will automatically shrink and pull the ball back. The first levels may be easy, but when you get to the later levels, you will encounter more obstacles. The roads will be separated by circles, when you pull the rope, the circle will be blocked. Each level has its own difficulty and interesting things waiting for you to discover.

Tips: when playing the first levels will be easy, so when playing difficult levels with obstacles, draw a big line and get around the obstacles, the more points you will get.

How To Play Rope Wrapper 

Rope Wrapper is a game with simple gameplay. You just need to use the mouse to draw the lines you want, the rope will shrink along that line and pull the ball back. The ball shrinks together and you win, through the level and vice versa. When playing on the phone, you just need to use your hand to swipe on the screen.