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Police Car Driving


About Police Car Driving

Police Car Driving is an exciting driving game, where players will experience high-speed driving on desert tracks. Play and have great moments.

An exciting driving adventure has opened in Police Car Driving. You will have to drive your car to complete the adventure on the desert track. You will be immersed in the attractive graphics of the game. Although the game has the same gameplay as Blocky Roads Online, the game has better graphics. You will feel that you are really on a desert racetrack.

Features of Police Car Driving

  • A driving car game
  • Control the car on the track of the desert
  • Avoid other cars

How to play

You can enjoy the game through 20 levels of the game. On the desert track, you try to complete the designated distance in the shortest time possible. You press the accelerator to accelerate and reach the finish line. However, on the track, it is not only you, there are many other cars moving. You do not have to race against them, but you do have to avoid them. You must not have a collision with any vehicle on the track. If your car has a collision, you will lose immediately.

How to control: Use the key arrow on the keyboard to control your car.

Choose your car

After completing each race, you will receive bonus money. In addition, you can also collect coins during the race. You can use this money to buy new cars as well as upgrade cars outside the main menu. The cars range in price from $500 to $2000. Different cars will have a unique structure that gives you different experiences.

Furthermore, you can also upgrade your car before playing. You can make the wheel and engine upgrade, this upgrade helps your car move faster.