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Blocky Roads Online

A journey with challenges on cars

Are you a car enthusiast, passionate about speed or love racing? If the answer is yes, Blocky Roads Online has your needs.

Various missions in Blocky Roads Online

There are many different routes and missions with up to 20 different levels, players will experience a lot of emotions. In Blocky Roads Online, you will be able to drive unique cars to perform the set tasks. The missions are all displayed right before you start the trip. It could be transporting goods, it could be killing zombies, or it could be completing the trip within the allotted time, etc. For the quests received, you must complete them all before you can move on to another level. There will not be any miracles if you do not complete the mission, instead, you can only play again to continue the experience.If you feel that is too challenging for you, you can go to Dynamons 2, where your mission is to fight, collect and train Dynamons.

Notable features in Blocky Roads Online

On the way to the mission, you will collect all that you can, including gas cans or coins. Thanks to that, you can upgrade your car in the shop with lots of attractive features. Accordingly, you can add power in terms of speed, and time, and you can buy more gas for long trips...Besides, the more you play at a higher level, the more and more difficult the challenges will be. Therefore, you need to focus and handle situations flexibly. In addition, there will be spike traps placed on the road, you can speed up and jump over them. The sound of this game is also very lively, even when you start moving or every time you hit something, it emits a realistic sound. 

How to control

Hold down the mouse to move.