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Play Mope.io

A new adventure opens in the game Mope.io. In this game, you will experience the evolution from small creatures to the strongest creatures in wildlife.

It is different from the horror in Backrooms Game, Mope.io is an interesting survival game. You will start the life of a tiny mouse in a wild forest. In this place, You need to move around the map to find food to grow up. You look for fruits that are just the right size for you. When you eat food the energy bar in the left corner of the screen will fill up and you will evolve into a bigger creature.

Meanwhile, you also need to pay attention to the puddles of liquid that will hinder your foraging process. The mud will reduce your movement speed. Do not go near the lava, it can burn you. When you are burned by lava, look for puddles of water to heal. You can easily die because of poison, so do not go near the green poison puddles.

Features of Mope.io

  • An interesting game
  • Easy gameplay
  • Eat food to grow up

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.

Choose your character and land

After each time you complete an evolution stage, you will receive bonus coins. You can use this coin to buy characters as well as places to grow up. The characters are diverse following each stage of evolution.

  • At tier 2: Velvet Chipmunk Fairy Rabbit, Thug Pigeon
  • At tier 5 Spideer, Void Scuttling Squid.
  • At tier 10 Pineapple Wolf, Suftboardfish.
  • At tier 15: Giant Squid, Aberrant Dragon Frost Wolf

You have to spend 12500 coins to unlock a new place

  • Arctic: you will earn food in the icy environment
  • Desert: you will earn food in the desert environment
  • Land: you will forage on the plains
  • Ocean: you forage in diverse environments under the ocean