About Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D is an attractive and dramatic racing game for those passionate about speed. Master the race and master the speed and win every challenging race.

With a love of speed, Traffic Jam 3D will satisfy you, therefore you're ready to go for the ride and compete in the most thrilling and stunning race. This race will provide you with a lot more challenges. Time trials, distance races, and more! If you collide with another vehicle, your windshield will break, forcing you to start over. Are you ready to take charge of these speedy racing cars? You will have four options from which to pick. In the Career mode, you will race across many racing tracks, collecting prizes at the end of each. Infinity mode's goal is to keep you on the road for as long as possible without falling into the abyss. In Time challenge mode, you must go to the pre-designated locations as rapidly as possible before your time runs out. The final option is Free mode, which provides total independence. You can use the prize money to improve your current vehicle or to buy a new racing automobile. To win the race and pace, employ your rapid reactions.

How To Control

Use the AWSD keys to control the racing car along with the navigation keys.