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Four Colors Multiplayer Monument Edition


About Four Colors Multiplayer Monument Edition

Four Colors Multiplayer Monument Edition is a fun game, where you have the experience of playing colorful cards. You play cards and win against your opponent.

This is a fun card game, where you will fight with 2 or more players. This game is not like the process of controlling the ball like Red Ball. In this game, you will play colorful cards. You must be the first to run out of cards and win. This game not only requires you to have the ability to think but also to have luck. It will be difficult to guess the opponent's cards among the multitude of different cards. You may lose with one wrong move. Play and test your luck!

How to play

This deck has 4 primary colors. There are green, blue, red, and yellow. The cards have values from 0 to 10. There are also some cards with special functions. You will have to play cards of the same color or value as the flipped card on the table. If you do not have any cards to play, you must draw cards until you find a card that can be played. The winner is the person who runs out of cards first.

Moreover, you can play against the machine or against other players in the game's online mode.

How to control: You use the mouse to play your cards.

Cards with special functions

  • Color-changing cards will help you change the color of the flipped card.
  • Cards of change color and +4 will help you change the color of the flipped card and make the next player draw 4 more cards.
  • Card + 2, it will cause the next person to draw 2 more cards.
  • The forbidden card will cause the next player to lose their turn.
  • The reversed card will reverse the round.