About Red Ball

Red Ball is an interesting game about the wars of the ball kingdom. You and our red ball hero overcome all dangers and defeat cruel enemies.

A terrible disaster struck the Balls Kingdom on a bad day. The square-shaped enemy has launched an attack on their homeland, with the intention of capturing and enslaving all the people as prisoners. The main purpose of the gray squares is to turn the balls into squares so that everyone is like their people. But our red ball hero won't let that happen. This little red ball will have to face a lot of heavyweights. The battles to the enemy stronghold begin here. With each level, the scenery will change to depict the walls of different opponents, and the difficulty of the levels increases. You have to find your way quickly while avoiding obstacles and patrolling soldiers, which requires high concentration. Pay special attention to bridges made of small wooden slats; they can move as soon as you step on them, and if you don't run fast enough, you will fall. Being a hero isn't that simple, isn't it

How To Control

When playing on the computer, use the arrow buttons on the keyboard to move the ball, left, right, and especially the jump button, press it quickly to overcome all obstacles. When playing on the phone, you can use your finger to press the arrow buttons on the screen.