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Fighting Stars Memory

About Fighting Stars Memory

Play and have fun moments with the Fighting Stars Memory game. In this game, you have to flip and memorize the cards in order to remove them from the board.

Welcome to the Fighting Stars Memory game, where you will encounter countless brilliant cards. Each card has a different picture you need to find the same cards and remove them from the board. However, the cards will not be turned over like in the Halloween Mahjong game. In this game, the cards are hidden, you have to flip and memorize each card. This game challenges your memory, as you have to constantly flip the cards and have to memorize their positions. You will be easily distracted by the cards that appear continuously. Do you have faith and your ability to remember? Let's play and prove it!

How to play

This game has fairly simple gameplay, you just need to flip and choose the matching cards. However, the challenges of the game will be more difficult than you think. You have to constantly flip the cards and remember their position. You flip 2 cards of the same type to remove them from the board. It is very difficult to remember all the positions of the cards.

This game has 18 levels equivalent to 18 challenges. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually through each level. In the early levels, you will have to flip 2 pairs of cards of the same type in 30 seconds. You will easily overcome these challenges. As the level increases, the number of cards you have to memorize will increase. You must quickly flip and memorize the value of the cards because time is limited. You will not be limited to turning over, however, the fewer cards you turn over, the higher the reward you will receive for completing the game. Are you ready to immerse yourself in this exciting game?

How to control: Use the mouse.