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Halloween Mahjong

About Halloween Mahjong

Halloween Mahjong is a fun card game this Halloween season. Pick the same cards and make them disappear and see if you can get all the links in a short time.

Playing the Halloween Mahjong game will challenge your IQ and attention span. Get rid of any tile that depicts a specific figure connected with images like ghosts, pumpkin lanterns, spiders, skulls, or demonic emojis. You can only remove stones in pairs, so look for identical images that aren't obscured by surrounding objects. You must move quickly given the little amount of time.

Remember, you can only remove cards if their link is not blocked by anything. There is only one line, unbounded left and right, so the two cards will link together and be discarded. If you get rid of all the cards on the screen, you win.

Tips: You pay attention to the light bulb icons in the game, which are the hints to help you pass, but the number of hints is limited. For emergencies when time is running out.

How To Control

If you play on your phone, just tap the same cards. When playing on the computer is similar, you have to click on a card and then click on the box with a card like that. So you have eliminated two cards already. In the time the game allows, but you can't flip all of them, click on the help icons to go faster. You just need to clear all the cards on the screen before the allotted time and you will win.