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Dice Pixel Stealer 3D

About Dice Pixel Stealer 3D

Welcome to Dice Pixel Stealer 3D where you can engage in duels with AI opponents to get as many pixels as you can.

This game is for single players. However, in this action game, you can fight your opponents through levels. It is similar to the gameplay of Dynamons 2 and Dynamons World. You can try these games for more new experiences.

How to play

The Dice Pixel Stealer 3D game requires you to throw your dice to the main area. In the main area, there are pixels arranged into different shapes. When the dice are thrown to the target position, they will become stickmen who collect pixels to your base. Choose the right place to throw the dice to collect as many pixels as possible. At the end of the match, you will win over the opponent if you have more pixels. If you can't, you need to replay that level.

Unlike The Smurfs Cooking, this game has many different levels. Can you conquer all levels in the fighting game?