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The Smurfs Cooking

About The Smurfs Cooking

Welcome to The Smurfs Cooking where you can enjoy an entertaining single-player cooking game. Coming to this game, you can become a chef and manage a restaurant with many different dishes.

This game will give you eye-catching graphics. You can play Dynamons World and Pokemon FireRed Version if you want to experience more games. These games will not disappoint you.

How to play

In this Smurfs Cooking game, assist Chef Smurf in preparing for the community festival. Make donuts, pancakes, and cupcakes.

In addition, you also serve tea, fruit punch, and other beverages while icing and jam are used to decorate your muffins, cakes, and cookies. Try to serve the appropriate goodies to each Smurf at your booth. Bake the sweet delights, swiftly adorn them, and select the proper drinks for each order.

Controls: Use your mouse to play this game.