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Daily Solitaire Blue


About Daily Solitaire Blue

Relax with the Daily Solitaire Blue game, where you need to flip the cards and arrange them in order from Ace to King so that they are in the same suit.

This game has simple gameplay, it is not like the intense racing in Traffic Jam 3D. In this game, you have to clear all the cards in the foundation pile and stockpile. Arrange them on foundation piles from Ace to King, and they must be in the same suit. You must first arrange from king to ace, and their colors alternate. Also, you can flip the reserve cards in the right corner of the screen. After you have arranged the aces, you can arrange the deck in the right corner of the screen. Play and arrange the deck of cards as fast as possible.

How to control: Use the mouse to draw the card.


The game also has hints to help you overcome challenges more easily. You have a total of 8 suggestions, they will be useful in case you have no idea. Since the number of hints is limited, you should use them properly to ensure that you can overcome as many challenges in the Daily Challenge as possible.

2 modes of the game

You can challenge yourself with 2 modes of the game, which are Draw 1 card and Draw 3 cards.

  • Draw a card mode: this mode is quite easy, whenever you are out of ideas you can turn over a card in the inventory. It makes it easy to get the cards you need.
  • Draw 3 cards mode: this mode is more difficult when you have to flip three cards in the stockpile, it limits the number of cards you can take. This mode can cause the card you need to be trapped by the card in front of it.