About Connect 2

Connect 2 is a familiar matching game, where you need to match two identical items and remove them from the table and get the highest score possible.

Connect 2 is a fun puzzle game, you have to match 2 items of the same type and remove them from the table. However, this game does not have a card theme like Cards Connect, which is a kitchen-themed game. On the table, there will be many items with images ranging from kitchen utensils to food. You will have the opportunity to relax after a stressful working day with this game. In addition, this game requires you to have a keen eye. You have to quickly clear the all items off the table before time runs out. Do you have sharp eyes? Play and prove it.

How to play

This game will help you train your eyes, you have to use your keen eyes to find and match two identical items to remove them from the board. Use your mouse to find pairs of matching pictures. The path between the two pictures must be clear from other blocks. The path cannot bend three or more times. A level is cleared when you have no more blocks left. If you run out of moves, the game is over. You must clear all the blocks within the designated time frame. Time is limited, so you have to try to delete all the images as quickly as possible. A wrong move makes you lose 10 seconds and a correct move gains you up to 10 extra seconds. Therefore, you must think carefully before deciding to make any move.

Note: You can use Hints at the top of the screen to easily find items. For each level, you will have 3 Hints.

How to play: Use the mouse to control.