About Cards Connect

Play the Cards Connect game and exercise your logical thinking. You have to find and match matching cards of the same type and clear the cards on the table.

This is a familiar item-matching game, however, it will bring you new experiences. It is unlike the horror images in Halloween Mahjong. Your work in this game is to match two cards of the same type together to remove them. This game requires you to be sharp. You must quickly match the cards before time runs out. Play and show you have a keen eye.

How to play

This is a fun game, where you will have to find and match 2 cards of the same type. You must find pairs of cards of the same type consecutively in order to clear all the cards on the table. You will have to clear the cards in a set time. There is a time bar on the right side of the screen, it will decrease as you search for the cards. However, each pair of cards you find will give you a little extra time. If the time bar runs out and you still have not cleared the cards, you lose. When you can not find the cards, you can use the hint on the left side of the screen. When there are no pairs of cards on the table that can be matched, the cards will be shuffled. You quickly clear the cards and win this game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

Play the game on several levels

You will have the opportunity to conquer 12 different levels of the game. You will be taken to a new level after completing the previous level. Each level will have a different arrangement of cards. After each successful removal of a pair of cards, the cards may focus on the bottom corner of the screen. They can also drift to the 2 sides of the screen. This breaks the original structure of the deck making it more difficult for you to stack. Play and conquer all the levels.