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Candy Mahjong


About Candy Mahjong

Welcome to the exciting game, Candy Mahjong. Your target in this game is to match 2 pairs of identical candies and remove them from the table.

If you are looking for an interesting game to release stress, then Candy Mahjong will be a good candidate. It does not use horror images like Halloween Mahjong, the game takes pictures of delicious candies. You need to match the 2 candies of the same type and remove them from the table. This game requires you to have sharp eyes to be quick to clear the table before time runs out.

In addition, this game has extremely eye-catching graphics along with a lively sound system. With simple gameplay, this game is suitable for everyone. Let's play and conquer the highest score of the game.

How to play

This is a fun game where you have to match two candies of the same type to remove them from the playing field. You match two Multiply Point tiles to get extra points. When you can not figure out where to match 2 candies, you can shuffle them.

However, each time you shuffle, you will lose 20 seconds. If you can not continue, the game will automatically give you a hint. Because the number of hints is limited, please use it wisely. The game will give you 5 minutes so you can charge the table. If the time is up and you still have not cleared the table, you lose. Therefore, find and remove the candy pairs as fast as you can.

Every time you remove a pair of candies from the table, you will get a certain point. You should create combos to get a higher score. Your highest score will be saved and displayed outside the main screen

How to control: Use the mouse to control.