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Zodiac Signs Memory

About Zodiac Signs Memory

Welcome to the fun puzzle game, Zodiac Signs Memory. In this game, you have to flip and memorize the cards in order to remove them from the table.

It is not the same strategy game as Castle Keeper. Zodiac Signs Memory is a memory-based puzzle game. You have to memorize the pictures of the cards and flip them over so that you can flip two cards of the same shape and remove them from the table. Then, until all the cards are turned over, you will win and move on to the next level. This game helps you train your memory ability by memorizing the cards. You will find it difficult at first, but after you get used to the mechanics of the game it is extremely useful for you. Let's play and train your brain.

How to play

This is an astrological-themed game, you have to flip random cards with different pictures. The game has 12 separate cards equivalent to 12 zodiac signs. This game is not easy because the difficulty increases after each level. The next level is more difficult and complicated than the previous one.

The game has simple gameplay, you use the mouse to flip the cards. You will randomly flip the cards that appear on the screen and memorize them. When you turn over 2 cards of the same type, that cards will disappear. You will not be limited to the number of turns, however, the game has a timer in the bottom corner of the screen. You need to clear all cards before the time runs out. Moreover, there is a scale next to the timer, the score will decrease each time you flip the cards. The fewer cards you flip, the higher the score you get. Your highest score will be recorded and saved outside the main screen.