About Woobies

Welcome to the Woobies game. It is an adorable world, where you will have to align the direction of the cannon and shoot to save the Woobies from the crusher.

Woobies is a fun shooting game. It is like the game Bubble Shooter HD 2, you need to use the mouse to control the game. You have to rescue an army of Woobies from the giant crusher. You need to quickly rescue them before the stone pistons touch each other. This game requires you to be sharp and agile to be able to find the most accurate shot. Play and conquer this great game.

How to play

This is a fun game, where you can use the mouse to control. Aim by scrolling the mouse and releasing the mouse to throw Woobie. You must gather at least three woobies to assist them in escaping from the stone pistons. As you pass the levels, the difficulty of the game will increase by introducing strange objects of different colors into the game. These strange objects will make it more difficult for you in the rescue process. You can see the creatures that you will shoot out right below the cannon. Pay attention to these woobies and make the correct decisions.

How to control: Use the mouse to align and shoot your cannon.

Play the game in 15 levels

You will have to go through the difficulty in 15 levels of the game. You will start the game with simple challenges with 3 color Woobies and the amount of Woobies will be updated through each level. To create an explosive combination, choose a location where many Woobies of the same color gather. This will help you rescue more Woobies and get higher scores. Conquer the levels of the game and get the highest score possible.