About Trap The Mouse

Trap The Mouse is an entertaining game that makes you have a puzzle headache as a mouse that has eaten all of your food, creates traps to it does not escape.

What would you do if you walked into the kitchen one day and discovered that your meal was no longer available? Find the perpetrators and deal with them appropriately. In this game, your food thief is a gluttonous rat. The goal of this game is to catch the mouse before it runs away. When the game begins, the mouse will remain in the center of a big mat made of hexagonal tiles and supports. When you click any of the vacant tiles, the mouse will go to a nearby tile. Continue until the mouse is successfully trapped. You must complete your objective before the mouse travels off the mat, otherwise, you will lose. As seen in the upper left corner of the screen, you will start the game with 20000 points. You will lose 50 points each time you click an empty cell to build a barrier to keep the mouse from leaving. The number of points is limited, but the mouse moves rapidly; thus, calculate carefully before creating the barrier in order to catch the mouse as quickly as possible while still having a high number of points.

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How To Control

Use the left mouse to play.