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Tower Swap


About Tower Swap

Tower Swap is a strategic defense game, where you have to combine resources to create weapons to defend and protect your castle from dragons.

This is a strategy game like the Castle Keeper. However, in the game, you will have to defend the castle against the invasion of flying dragons. In front of the castle's courtyard, there are various resources such as stone, wood, treasure, iron, and ice blocks. You put these resources together to form a defense system. This game requires you to have a sharp eye to find the treasures that can be combined. In addition, the game is challenging your strategic ability when you have to arrange the weapons so that you can destroy the dragons as quickly as possible. Play and challenge your brain in this exciting game.

How to play

Tower Swap is a battle to defend against the attack of dragons who come to steal the castle's treasure. You will have to fight the dragons from day to day. Every day, you will receive a certain number of turns to build defenses. Flying dragons are very aggressive so you have to come up with the right strategies to quickly destroy them. You match 3 of the same resources to create defensive weapons. Because the number of turns is limited, you need to pair the most powerful weapons. The weapons that you can get are:

  • Build a ballista from logs to fend off dragon attacks.
  • Build huge walls of ice to block your enemies and prevent them from reaching your fortress!
  • Build cannons from stone and wooden arrows to destroy your enemies.
  • Match piles of gold into treasure chests to get extra turns.

How to control: Only tap or click and drag. Even if a tile does not match, it can be swapped.