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Tile Match Fun


About Tile Match Fun

Welcome to the Tile Match Fun game, where you need to match three or more items of the same type to remove them from the match and go to the next level.

If you are looking for a game to entertain, then Tile Match Fun is a great choice for you. It is not as simple as finding and removing 2 items of the same type as in People Onet. In this game, you will have to find and remove 3 items of the same type until all items on the board are cleared. You can experience exciting levels with vivid and colorful images. The pictures on the item are quite similar, so consider carefully before choosing. The wrong choice can also cause you to lose many advantages as well as lose points. Play and conquer the levels of the game!

How to play

This game is quite simple, you just need to match three similar items to eliminate them. On the screen, there are different items being shuffled, you have to find 3 items of the same type and arrange them in a bar in the upper corner of the screen. When there are 3 items of the same type appearing on the bar, they will automatically disappear. You consecutively remove items to get combos and get extra points. Each sort bar in the upper corner of the screen can only arrange up to 7 items. If you fill this bar you will lose.

How to control: You use the mouse to choose the item.

Some power-ups

The game offers some power-ups to help you pass the game easier. You play games and get coins to buy these power-ups.

  • Random: All pieces on the current chessboard are random again
  • Tip: Immediately eliminate a set of pieces
  • Step back: You can undo a move