Have you ever played Swipe Cubes? Swipe Cubes will challenge your thinking ability through different puzzles. Your task is to control the cubes to collect other cubes to form a cube with the same shape as the target and move it to the destination.

Like Protect My Dog, Dynamons World, and Millionaire 2018, this game has many different levels. To be able to conquer this game, it is dependent on your ability.

Swipe Cubes Game

This game is rated as one of the most interesting puzzle games with diverse questions. You can enjoy them on our website. After you leave, our website will save your Swipe Cubes progress

Double Swipe

In this puzzle, you can double the cube by swiping your cube and collecting gray cubes. You can double-swipe or move multiple times continuously. The number of swipes is unlimited. You just need to focus on what you want to achieve.