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Spiny Maze Puzzle

About Spiny Maze Puzzle


Spiny Maze Puzzle is a fun game about balls. The little ball seems to be lost in the maze, solve the puzzle and let the ball fall into the small hole out.

In the Spiny maze, a big circle with many partitions, a small ball is stuck in it, rotate the direction of the maze to make the ball run out thanks to the small round hole in the middle of that maze.

In the game there are 30 levels equivalent to 30 puzzles that need you to solve, the zigzag roads plus the barriers will prevent the ball from falling. Solve the puzzles one by one to find the way out for the ball. While playing, there will be your timer, the faster you play, the more points and stars you will get. that will increase your score on the leaderboard.

Tips: The arc is your biggest obstacle so when playing, calculate the path, and the rotation carefully to make the ball easier to enter faster.

How To Play Spiny Maze Puzzle

Spiny Maze Puzzle can be played completely free on phones and computers. When playing on the computer, you need to use the mouse to rotate left to right to be able to control it. When playing on the phone is similar, you just need to use your hand to surf. And the small note is that you can only rotate half the screen. Let's calculate and solve each puzzle correctly.