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Skateboard Master


About Skateboard Master

Are you ready for thrilling races in the Skateboard Master game? You will participate in a curved slide with 5 other opponents and try to go as far as possible.

This is a fascinating fun game, like the Skate Hooligans game, you will control your character skateboarding. However, you will have to participate in a race with 5 other opponents. You must try to go far on this curved track. You control your character flexibly to avoid obstacles on the road. If you hit an obstacle, you will fail immediately. In addition, you should pay attention to moving into the speed line to increase the speed of your character. Move fast and be the leader in this game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.

Choose your favorite character in the shop

You can skateboard with your favorite character by unlocking random characters in the store. You will lose 2000 gold coins for each random opening. When you unlock a character, it's yours.

  • The first character is Sports Girl. This character wears a blue tracksuit and tan skin that is tanned from participating in outdoor sports. This is also the default character of the game.
  • The second character is Robot. This is a robot with white armor. This character helps you move more safely and stably in races.
  • The third character is Hip-hop Girl. This is a personality character with a unique combination of jacket and beanie. This character impresses with his unique style.
  • The fourth character is Stylish Girl. This girl wears a crop top and tight shorts. This character will surprise you with its graceful jumps when overcoming obstacles.
  • The last character is Christmas Girl. This character wears an eye-catching red suit. Players will not be able to take their eyes off this special character.