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Skate Hooligans


About Skate Hooligans

Starting a new adventure in the Skate Hooligans game. You are a rebellious boy who is being chased by the police. Run and escape from the pursuit of the police.

It is not an adorable game like Dynamons World. Skate Hooligans is an endless chase, you are a naughty boy who teases animals. You are being chased by the police. You need to run and escape the pursuit, at the same time, you collect coins.

Features of Skate Hooligans

  • An endless run
  • Chase in different locations
  • Buy new characters and new skateboards

How to play Skate Hooligans

You are the boy who teases animals in the city and is being chased by the police. You must escape from the chase of the police and run as far as possible. You will run over obstacles in the city such as submarines, cars, and barriers. Take control of your character do not get caught by the police.

How to control: Use the arrows on the keyboard to control.

Collect coins to buy new characters and skateboards

You can play the game in many different locations. Currently, the game has 3 main locations, more locations will be updated in the future.

  • Downtown: This is the default location of the game.
  • Subway: You need to collect 30 tokens found in Downtown to unlock.
  • Amusement Park: You need to collect 50 T-rex found in the Subway to unlock.
  • Airport: You need to collect 70 airlanes to unlock this position. You can find airlane in the Amusement Park.

Play with your unique character and skateboard

You can buy new characters and skateboards by collecting coins during the run. The game has many interesting characters like T-rex, zombie, ninja, and so on. You can also exchange for your character with unique skateboards such as Flame, Racer, Rocket, and so on. These things need a lot of money to buy, so play to get the character you like.