Participate in the fun-filled speed race

When it comes to running games, Craft Runner is always the first choice when it can provide players with a unique experience on numerous levels.

An exciting experience in Craft Runner

Join the track with many obstacles, overcome them to run as far as possible, until the finish line. Craft Runner sometimes also challenges your reflexes a bit, requiring you to use your mind to clear the game. Sometimes you can even fly, and when you fly, you will not encounter any obstacles, you just need to control to collect as much gold as possible. At the end of each time, you will earn points corresponding to what you show during the game. You can use those points to buy, upgrade tools or change characters. If you feel that just running is not enough for you, come to Pokemon FireRed Version, in battles you can run and fight at the same time.

Unique features included in Craft Runner

Along the way, you have to collect wood, and gold to build the house of your dreams. You can also buy energy in the store to make this easier and make you stronger on the track. For example, you can buy magnets that can attract all the items around where you run through. In addition, the game also has an achievements section, which allows you to see in the process of experiencing this game, what goals you have accomplished or how far your goals have been. This helps you to know what you will need to focus on in the future to make your experience more enjoyable. Now, start the run, run, explore and build your own empire!

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump.