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Rhino Rink


Kick the rhinos off the field in the Rhino Rink puzzle game. Match multiple rhinos of the same color to create an exciting combo with incredibly high scores.

The Rhino Rink game brings a fresh spin to the classic puzzle game genre. The fun and freshness come from the images of adorable rhinos with vibrant colors. All appeared at an ice rink. Players can use strategy to play and kick these adorable rhinos off the field to score the highest score within the time allowed.

The player's goal is to score as high a score as possible within a specified time and number of moves.

The player's task is to match at least 2 rhinos of the same color to remove them from the ice rink. With the goal of achieving the highest score, the player needs to create a group of rhinos with a number of 3 or more. Or explode the bombs that will appear during play.

You can increase your playing time to score points by collecting clocks.


  • Attractive gameplay with beautiful graphics and fun sounds.
  • Practice observation skills and situational judgment skills.
  • Develop quick and decisive thinking and action.

How to play

Use the mouse.