About Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is an interesting game for you to transform into a penguin, owning a restaurant. You have to serve lots of delicious food and earn lots of money.

In this restaurant, you will be serving your clients. Collect the needed amount of money at each level to demonstrate that you are the best waitress in the North Pole. Penny has to make enough money in the restaurant to buy a plane ticket home. Penny needs your help to keep her penguin visitors happy by seating them, taking orders, serving meals, and collecting money on time. Don't let them go furious since it will cost you money. Time management game in which you play as a penguin waiter in an ice restaurant. To accommodate newcomers, you'll have to maneuver fast amongst your customers while perched on your ice skates to seat them, take orders, serve meals, and clear tables. You will have a daily goal to meet, and the money you earn will allow you to purchase various upgrades to better your service. Penguin Diner 2 is an extremely efficient culinary game that, despite its apparent simplicity, rapidly proves to be quite addictive.

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How To Control

Please click on the guests to be able to serve.