About One Escape


One Escape is an addictive game about escaping animals. Find a way to escape, don't meet the police, and save your teammates right away.

In the game, you are a duck being locked in a prison. Your mission is to find a way to escape safely. Use your smart brain to calculate the way. Hide in the wall, avoid the guards and open the door to escape.

The road to escape is never easy, you will encounter countless difficulties. The lasers will shine, detect and kill you, the police are always patrolling around. Find your way out but the door can't open, meet a dead end, you have to turn back. I thought I was going to get out, but it was actually a scam. You are a strong duck, you will.

Tips: Please zoom out the screen and you will see all the cells, from which it will be easier to find a way to escape.

One Escape and Guide Play

Use the "J" key to jump. Press W/D to move around. These are the keys that help you move the character on the lap. When playing on the phone, just scroll on the screen. Each level is a different dungeon and the difficulty increases gradually. Let's get over it.