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Ninja Run 2


About Ninja Run 2

Play Ninja Run 2 and explore the abandoned island. In this game, you control your ninja character to jump through obstacles and collect coins.

This is an interesting game, where you have to control your character to explore an abandoned island. In this game, you do not need to create the same flexible hand gestures as Ninja Hands, but you also need to be careful not to fail. There are obstacles such as bomb containers randomly appearing on the road, making it difficult for you to overcome. Play and proves your sharpness by going far on the track in this game.

This game has great graphics and sound effects. It also has a simple control system, so it is suitable for all ages. Let's play and create great moments in the game

How to play

In this game, you will play as a ninja who is adventuring on an abandoned island. The ninja character will move constantly and your work is to control him through countless obstacles on the track. This is a non-seamless track, where you have to jump continuously to not fall into the water. While jumping you pay attention to the bomb containers, if you touch these bomb containers, you will lose. In addition, you will have to collect coins along the way to upgrade your character.

While you move, you will get scores. The further you go, the higher the score you get. The highest score you get will be saved and displayed outside the main screen.

How to control: You the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your character.


  • Click the screen 2 times to fly higher.
  • Watch out for obstacles such as bomb containers, spikes, and falling boxes.
  • Adjust your jump height so you do not hit the wall. You also have to pay attention to the landing place so as not to fall into the water.