About Melting Ball

Melting Ball is an attractive ball game for everyone to play. To be a winner, you have to overcome challenges and melt everything along the way.

In the fresh, action-packed online game Melting Ball, you must assist the lava ball as it descended down a predefined course till it reached the bottom. On the screen in front of you, you'll see a variety of sized stone platforms. They'll all be arranged in different locations above the earth. Your ball would be on the highest platform. Clicking on the signal requires using your mouse. This will force the ball to heat up to a certain point, burning through one platform before falling and landing on another. The Melting Ball game will reward you with points as a result of this. Destroy all obstacles in your way to reach the maze's bottom. Look for fresh obstacles when you get there. Increase your hot ball by gathering buttons.

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How To Control

Move the mouse and play.