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Love Birds


Explore many birds on Love Birds

Are you ready for a memory game? It will help you train your memory. You will be lost in a world of beautiful birds. Here, you will pair these birds together, To complete this task, you need to have a good memory. These birds will appear in the cards. These cards will be turned face down. Can you pass the difficult levels in this game?

The rules of Love Birds

When you start playing Love Birds, you will not only have a good time entertaining, but you will exercise your visual memory. On the screen, you will find some cards that you will have to turn to find the exotic birds. Each time you find a pair those two cards will disappear and instead, two new cards will fall with two new birds. On each screen, you will need a certain number of pairs to be able to move to the next level. Look for pairs for the birds that appear on the screen.

When you find enough pairs, you will move to the next level. At first, the number of cards will be small, but the number of cards will increase gradually as you reach a high level. Your moves are limited. The remaining steps of the previous level can be transferred to the next level. If you connect the wrong pair, you will lose 1 move. If you run out of turns, the game is over.

How to control

Use the mouse to play this game.

Some characteristics of Love Birds

  • The game has impressive graphics with many bright colours. You also have a chance to see many beautiful birds.
  • It is suitable for all ages, even children. They can play the game to improve their memory.
  • Many challenging levels are waiting for you. You can also experience multiple levels in Dynamons.