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Kitten Hide and Seek

About Kitten Hide and Seek


Kitten Hide and Seek is a fun game of hiding and seeking with the cat. Help the little girl escape the cat's gaze and collect the necessary items. 

Kitten Hide And Seek will let you experience the feelings of childhood hide and seek. You are a small girl, going to the kitchen to find food, but there is a cat that does not sleep at night, you go and make a small noise to wake it up. Hide and hide well before the cat opens its eyes and looks at you.

In the game, around the kitchen, pay attention to the boxes, maybe spoons, etc. will help you hide, avoiding the eyes of the cat. You just need to run and not be detected by the cat, you can easily get to the place where the food is.

Each level of the game will have different dishes, the times the cat looks are also not fixed, and even the items on the table are sometimes available for you to avoid.

Tips: as soon as the cat looks up, it won't catch you. so run quickly to find cover for a few seconds before the cat's eyes start to turn to yellow light, then you will be caught.

Kitten Hide and Seek and Guide Play

You just need to press start to start the game and the cat will automatically move. When you see a cat, double click and your character will sit and hide from the eyes of the cat. You pass the cat's gaze and successfully get the food, you win through the level.