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Kingdom Rush


Participate in the war in Kingdom Rush

In this game, you have to use your intelligence to protect your kingdom and defeat the forces of evil. You will own many epic powers and spells. Command your army to gain victory. This game may keep you hooked for hours. The background isn't permanent. Fight in the forests, mountains, and wastelands. Fire on the enemies, command your troops, and upgrade your army with coins. You have to face many legendary monsters to save your kingdom from the darkness.

Something in the fights of Kingdom Rush

You can see many positions to set up castles. Consider which warriors you should put in which positions to bring about combat effectiveness. Coins are very important in battle. You can use them to build more castles and fortresses. Also, power up your castles and fortresses with gold. Don't forget to command the warriors to block the monsters' paths. Your kingdom can only be directly attacked by a few monsters, so don't let too many monsters enter the kingdom. The game has many levels with different backgrounds that will not let you get bored. Are you ready for this game? You can also test your strategy skills through Kingdom Defense Online.

More information about Kingdom

  • The game is developed by Ironhide Game Studio, Ironhide Games.
  • Unlock new warriors with gems.
  • It is playable on the desktop or mobile. All smart devices can access this game.
  • Many challenging levels for you to play.
  • You can choose the mode for each level. If you are a beginner, you should play easy mode. Then, you can improve your skills with normal, casual, and vertical modes.

Game control: use the mouse to play this game.