About Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush is a game that will be addictive for those who have food preferences. In the game, President Bush opened a hot dog shop, let's help him develop it.

The player controls George W. Bush, who finds himself working as a hot dog vendor after his administration ends. The player must keep an eye on the clients' meal requests and properly make the hot dogs. The hotdogs must not be overcooked or they will be thrown away. The player should also try to serve as quickly as possible in order to earn more tips, and not keep customers waiting for too long or they will leave. First, create hot dogs and other types of food in response to market demand. Following that, you must prepare and serve clients by clicking or dragging food. Achieve your daily goal in Hot Dog Bush Online and rise from the Bronx to Wall Street! Additional menu options become available as you go. Do you have what it takes to run the best hotdog stand in town?

This game can satisfy you, let's come to Night Mad City, Paddington, Sky Road Car Racing, and Harvest Honors.

How To Control

Drag the mouse to give the prepared food to the guests.