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Halloween Collect

About Halloween Collect

Halloween Collect is a fun game this Halloween season. Collect enough items by connecting them for a fixed amount of time, you will pass the level.  

In the game, you will have a fixed time to collect items such as pumpkins, bats, eyes, graves, etc things that are too familiar on Halloween. At each level, you will have a certain number of items to get in a limited time. The way to collect items, you only need to do that is to connect them together, but you can only connect three of the same items. Regardless of the line or diagonal, you can connect, and the more you connect, the higher your score will be, and the faster you will go through the level. Every time you connect the 6th item will give a bonus item and when you connect more than 7 items you will get extra time. Although each item will have different scores when you connect them but pay attention to the items you need to get, collect enough before time runs out. You should play strategically, collect as many items as possible when each connection takes less time, calculate carefully and unlock difficult levels, you will be given a lot of items to support and assist you.

How To Control

When playing on the phone, you just need to surf and connect to the line that you want to earn. Similar to playing on the computer, move the mouse and collect the required items in the fastest time.