Fun Fishing is a unique fishing game that you should try. You can shoot fish with a gun and discover creatures deep in the ocean.

In Fun Fishing you will be catching fish in a unique way. You will use a big cannon, and shoot the nets to catch fish again, the more fish you catch, the more money you get. But each time you shoot the net, you also have to spend quite a bit of gold and so be careful before each shot of your net.

You can see the vast ocean with beautiful and unique fishes. The bigger the fish, the more colorful, the starfish, etc... all encapsulated in the game for you to explore. The more big fish you catch, the more gold coins you get. You have a lot of money, you can upgrade your gun or change a new gun. The new gun will have a higher ability to hit fish and be stronger to catch big fish.

Tips: because each shot costs gold, so you should pay attention to each of your shots, and aim properly.

You just need to left-click on the fish you want to catch, and the gun will automatically drop the net and catch the fish, and the money will be active. There is a menu button and you can just click it if you want to change guns or upgrade.