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Draw And Park


Parking car in the game

Have you ever thought of parking without driving skills? Of course, this wouldn't happen in real life. It will become real in Draw And Park. You just need to draw the path for the big umbrellas so that it goes to the parking lot. However, it will be a bit difficult when you have to think so that the cars do not crash into each other.

How to play Draw And Park

Draw a path to park all cars on each level. Make sure not to crash into any walls or any of the other vehicles to pass each puzzle. Think ahead then start drawing as you try to safely park all of the different coloured cars. Try to complete all 30 levels without watching our video walkthrough. A very fun free online game that mixes parking with puzzles.

Children should play Draw And Park

The game with simple gameplay and simple graphics will be suitable for all children. In addition, this is a logic game that will exercise children's thinking abilities. Besides the game, you can also use your drawing ability in Draw Attack.

Features of this game

  • The game has simple control and addictive gameplay which is suitable for everyone.
  • Relax to have a great time when playing Draw And Park.
  • Don't need to drive skills, you can also park cars at the same time.

Game control

Use the mouse to draw the line.