About Double Cubes

Double Cubes is a fun arcade game in a dark cellar with no end. Your speed is also getting faster and faster, you can overcome all the obstacles and win.

In the game, you will be able to choose to play alone or with friends with two modes. Each player will take the form of a box and move as a unit while dodging obstacles. You can dodge in any direction you want as this is a 3D cube. Let's hover around, collect valuable items, and stay away from dangerous foreign objects if we don't want to die. You will be in a rotating tube while playing the game. In search of a way out, you run. Nothing except red barriers is visible. The surroundings are dark, and just seeing the floating colors is really stimulating. Similarly, when you play two-player mode, both will together see who finishes first and how far to run, compete and compete in a healthy way.

The game's sounds and visuals will wow you. It is quite easy to manage if there is just one person playing, but you should also try playing with two people at once. 50% of the screen's original size will be lost. To avoid problems, we must work closely together. Playing with friends and family is, therefore, a terrific idea.

How To Control

To control your square box. You just need to use the arrow buttons to move left to right at will or use the ASWD keys when playing on the computer.