Helping crabs to rescue trapped fish

The goldfish are in danger of being caught in a fishing net, and the crab is looking for a way to rescue its friends. Are you ready to join Crab and Fish to help crabs bring fish back to freedom?  

Reaching the fish to save them

In the ocean, the fish are very scared because they are trapped in the net, they cannot get out by themselves. They need the help of their friends, so the Crab is working hard. In this game, you will play the role of that crab, and press any block to destroy it, so you can get close and liberate the goldfish. During the rescue you only have four lives, don't let yourself roll off the playing field. The more blocks you destroy, the deeper you can go, rescue more goldfish and score more points.There is another game called Dynamons, different from Crab and Fish, in this game you will fight and collect wild animals. If you want a little change, you can try this game.

Crab and Fish equipped with outstanding characteristics

Crab and Fish is equipped with beautiful graphics, simulating the image of the ocean to help gamers more interested in this game. In addition to the images of lovely sea animals, there is a unique sound for players to truly feel what is happening on the ocean floor. There are many people playing the game, and every time you pass someone's score, they can give you a bonus. The number of points you get will help you rank higher than other players on the leaderboard. Having a little competition will make you want to crack this game more. Without any more hesitation, join the game and enjoy it!

How to control

Use the mouse to control.