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Count Masters Crowd Runner 3D

Complete the race with a combination of stickman

Count Masters Crowd Runner 3D is a journey full of thorns with opponents waiting for you to overcome. Are you confident you will pass with your mental math and reflexes? 

The fundamentals of Count Masters Crowd Runner 3D

Why is it said to overcome challenges with mental arithmetic and reflexes? The reason is that in this game, on the way you will encounter portals that appear continuously with different numbers. Accordingly, each gate will allow you to add the number of stickmen corresponding to the number written on it. At the beginning of the game you only have one stickman, so to defeat the opponent's army, either you have a larger number of stickmen than your opponent, or you will not have enough numbers and be defeated. As such, you just need to choose the gate that will give you a larger crowd than the opponent. Then, lead your team forward removing all traps and people that stand in your way. If you can reach the finish line even if you have just one stickman, you are the winner.

Overcoming the obstacles in Count Masters Crowd Runner 3D

If you've ever played Poke Center Defense, you'll see that whoever is weaker will be defeated. Similarly, in Count Masters Crowd Runner 3D, even if you have successfully chosen the portal that gives you a powerful army, you must know how to protect your team to preserve its numbers until confronting the enemy. On the way to find the enemy, you will encounter many obstacles, you need to react quickly to find the path with the least risk, thereby ensuring the number of troops.  However, there is a trick that you should choose the gate with a higher number that will give you a greater chance.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.