About Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a fun fighting game with colorful colors. You have your own land with your own color, eliminate your opponents and expand your territory.

You will have your own colors when playing the game. You get to choose the color along with your land. It's small at first, let's go with the trolley to extend the road and create larger plots of land for yourself.

To create your own land, draw large closed circles yourself. Wherever you can draw, it will be your land. The bigger your land, the stronger you are and the higher the chance of winning.

Along the way, you will meet your opponents. Let's remove them. When they haven't made a closed circle, stab the tail. That way your opponent will disappear. But also be careful, the opponent will do the same to you and when you are not ready, you will also die.

Tips: you just created the land, just have to pay attention to the opponent. When the opponent is close, quickly create a circle so as not to be killed and counterattacked.

How To Control

You just need to use your hand to draw the line you want to create the land. When playing on the computer, you can also use A/D, arrow keys, and mouse movement to draw. Make your land big, eliminate all opponents and become the last one to survive, you will win.