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City Takeover


About City Takeover

Take part in an exciting City Takeover game and conquer cities, in which you create roads for your army and take over your opponent's buildings.

It is unlike the journey of building a city in City Blocks. In this game, you will invade other buildings by drawing lines to connect 2 buildings. The lines will be the path for your residents to reach to enemy's building. You will encounter several different types of enemies who are always looking to invade your building. You have to eliminate them if you do not want to fail. You have to make the right decisions to protect your city. In the upper corner of the screen, there is a bar describing the progress of the match. The blue part is you, the red part is the opponent. Your work is eliminating the enemy and winning. When you attack your opponent, they will also attack you. Attack enemy buildings to kill them before they attack you.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

Upgrade your character

You collect rewards after destroying enemy buildings and upgrading your character. You can upgrade your character in 2 parts

  • Role: Bear is the default character of the game. There are also some other characters such as giraffe, chicken, zebra, and so on.
  • Equipment: it includes weapons and shields. Weapons used to attack such as long sword, hammer, knife. Shields for the defense such as small shield, leave, magazine, and so on.

Some power-ups

  • Accelerated building: Increase the level of a random building on our side by 15.
  • Black Bomb: Randomly reduce the level of an enemy building by 10.
  • Frozen field: Freeze an enemy building for 8 seconds.
  • Absolute defense: A random building on our side does not take damage for 8 seconds.
  • Retarded action: Reduces the speed of an enemy building by 30% for 15 seconds.