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Bubble Sorting Deluxe


About Bubble Sorting Deluxe

Play Bubble Sorting Deluxe and train your brain. This is an exciting game, where you will have to arrange bubbles of the same color into tubes.

Bubble Sorting Deluxe is a simple puzzle-solving game. It is unlike the bubble-shooting game, Dora Fruit Bubble. In this game, you have to finish placing all the bubbles of the same types into the tubes at each level. You will have moments of extreme entertainment in this game. In addition, the game has two modes for you to choose from. It is from easy to hard. Play and conquer the modes of the game.

How to play

In this game, there will be bubbles of different colors in different tubes. Your job is to change the position of the bubbles so that the balls of the same color will be in the tube. You use the mouse to change the position of the balls. Every time you complete a bubble tube of the same color, you will get points. The less you change the position of the balls, the higher the score you will get. Your highest score will be saved and shown on the screen. Play and get the highest score.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

The modes of the game

The game has two different difficulty levels for you to choose from. There are both easy levels and hard ones. For easy mode, it will have fewer bubbles and more tubes, and you can sort the bubbles easier. In hard mode, it will have more bubbles and fewer tubes to sort through. When playing in this mode, you will get bonuses.

Different modes also have different levels. The difficulty will continue to increase with each level. Are you confident that you can conquer the levels of the game? Let's play and prove it.