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Bubble Shooter World Cup


About Bubble Shooter World Cup

Are you ready to play the Bubble Shooter World Cup game? You will have to shoot bubbles with national flags printed on them and clear the bubbles on the map

This is an interesting bubble shooting game like Bubble Shooter HD 2. However, this game will give a different experience. You will be shooting balls printed with national flags. You just need to shoot bubbles of the same type and clear all the bubbles on the screen. With attractive and simple gameplay, this game promises to bring you great entertainment moments. What are you waiting for and not playing this fantastic game?

How to play

The game has simple gameplay. You shoot colorful bubbles into clusters of three or more bubbles of the same type and clear the bubbles that appear on the screen. You need to find and shoot exactly the bubbles with the same national flag and delete them. If you shoot wrong a lot, the bubbles will quickly push up one more row. You will lose the game if they go too far to the bottom of the screen.

In the lower middle corner of the screen, there is a row of backup bubbles. You can see the bubble you will shoot next here. There may appear white bubbles or bubbles with the national flags of countries appearing in this year's 1/8 World Cup round such as France, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, and so on. The white ball will appear when you commit a foul.

How to control: Use the mouse to shoot the bubble.


  • Pay attention to the balls that will appear in the lower middle corner of the screen to have the right decision.
  • You need to align correctly so you do not get penalized.
  • You need to be familiar with the flags to be able to shoot accurately.