About Bubble Game 3

Bubble Game 3 is a new super fun bubble shooter game. Calculate quickly the pitches to destroy the clusters of balls approaching you.

Inspired by the game shooting dinosaur eggs and Candy Crush, Bubble Game 3 changes and has unique gameplay and attracts players of all ages. Your job is to destroy balls of various colors. A playing area with various colored balls will be displayed on the screen in front of you. A cannon that shoots arrows is seen below. Each time you shoot, the cannon will give balls with different colors and the number of balls on the screen will also fall closer and closer to you. To destroy a cluster of balls with your projectile, you must find and match at least three balls of the same color. When the items come into touch with each other, an explosion will occur. Balls will be eliminated from the screen, and you will be rewarded with points. Because the ball will constantly drop, it is critical to determine the path ahead of time to avoid the ball beams hitting the line and causing you to lose.

How To Control

Before firing, move the mouse around the playing board. There will be arrows to assist you to determine the path of the ball once it has been fired. Shoot the ball with the left mouse button. Balls with the same color will explode, and the more balls that explode, the more points you will collect.