Carry out heist missions to give to the poor

You must have heard a lot about robbing the wealthy from the rich to give to the needy. And in Bob The Robber, that's exactly what will happen. 

Your missions in Bob The Robber

Play as the super thief Bob and experience the adventurous adventure in Bob The Robber that many players love. You will break into multi-storey buildings and steal as much wealth as you can. In order to steal the wealth of rich families, you will definitely have to pass very strict guard and then escape safely. There are many rounds corresponding to the number of buildings that Bob will invade. Besides, there is a sound that really describes what is happening right at the time of playing the game. When you are bored of the infiltrations in Bob The Robber, the battles to find the winner in Dynamons will probably also be very suitable for you to pass the time.

Avoid being caught in Bob The Robber 

While breaking into custom buildings, you will definitely have to pass very strict security and then get out safely. In all buildings, cameras are installed to ensure safety and there will be guards. Therefore, to be able to smoothly complete the task, you have to go into the hidden corner of the camera and even attack the keeper to stay undetected. There is a note that some doors need to be opened with the password written in the note, remember them to quickly complete the task. Remember missions are risky and if caught, Bob will go to prison. Thus, if you don't want to be arrested, you have to be very careful in your actions and follow the instructions written in the notes posted in the house.

How to control

Use the mouse or arrow keys to control.