About BasketBros

BasketBros is an attractive game for sports enthusiasts, you can play basketball with super-strong players to test your ability so let's play!

The game begins with various options for you to choose from, such as Zane Willow - a strong player, Teay Youth - with his agility, Luke Magic - with his gloomy 3-pointers, and Step Fluaay - an all-around player. Simply begin with Teay Youth, you will enjoy the character's quickness. The game is basic, yet it allows you to customize your character. You may customize your character with clothes, shoes, and socks to make it distinct and different from the start of the game. In addition to the basic characters, you will progressively unlock new characters and other stuff as an in-game reward for your efforts. Don't be scared to seek assistance from your teammates. Maintain your cool and stick to your plan.

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How To Control

Use the ASDW keys to move.