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Ball Merge 2048


About Ball Merge 2048

Welcome to Ball Merge 2048 - an exciting game. You will participate in a race to the finish line and collect balls to achieve the highest score.

This is a simple game, you do not need to participate in intense races like in Crazy Rushing Ball. You just need to move on a path, where there are different balls. Try to increase the number on the ball and reach the finish line. You should not miss any balls along the way, because that can also cause you to lose. In addition, you also need to avoid sharp spikes on the road if you do not want to lose. Play and get the highest score in this game.

How to play

This is a simple game but also extremely interesting. You will participate in a race and collect balls of different values such as 4, 8, 16, and so on. You can only collect balls of the same value as you. Every time you collect a ball, your ball's value will increase by 2 times. Thus, you will continuously collect balls and reach the highest number of 2048 and reach the finish line.

You must avoid obstacles such as spikes because when you touch these spikes, your value will be reduced by half. You will no longer be able to collect balls. When your value is not enough, you will not be able to cross the bridge, so you fail.

How to control: You the mouse to control your ball and avoid obstacles

Tips to play this game

  • Collect balls of the same value.
  • Avoid sharp spikes that can reduce the value of the ball.
  • Collect balls to be able to cross the bridge and continue the race.
  • Collect the balls quickly to roll to the finish line and get rewards.