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Army Driver


About Army Driver

Welcome to Army Driver - an interesting driving game. In this game, you will not hesitate to hit obstacles as well as enemies along the way.

If you need a game to relax, Army Driver is a great choice for you. It is unlike the dangerous journey in Halloween Lonely Road Racing, you will not have to worry about any rules of the game. You just need to drive and complete the designated distance. During car driving, you can hit anything that gets in your way.

Features of Army Driver

  • A car driving game
  • Control car in a military base
  • Attack the enemy

How to play

You will be driving on the terrain of a military base, and the car you drive is also a military vehicle instead of a car. On the way to the finish line, you can hit anything that gets in your way without fear of damage to the car. You just need to pay attention to the soldiers guarding on the way, they shoot bullets that damage your car. When the blood bar on the top of your vehicle is run out, the car will explode. Therefore, you must quickly destroy the guards before they destroy you.

In addition, the terrain of the military base is quite rugged. Rollovers are quite easy to happen, so you need to control the car balance not to roll over. However, if the car is flipped, don't worry, you can use the up arrow button to turn the car over.

How to control: Use the key arrow on the keyboard to control.

Upgrade your vehicle to become the strongest

You will collect coins during the driving, and when you perform somersaults in the air you can also collect bonus coins. You can use the money to buy the vehicle as well as upgrade it. The game has created 7 types of vehicles with their own designs. The cheapest vehicle costs 150 coins and the most expensive one costs 800 coins.

In addition, you can upgrade the vehicle to 2 parts, those parts are the engine and the handbrake. Each part can be upgraded up to 4 times, it costs you 50 coins for each upgrade.