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Among Hill Climber


About Among Hill Climber

Play and create fun moments in Among Hill Climber, where you will be driving a car on a variety of terrain through the different maps of the game.

This is a familiar driving game like City Car Driver, you will be driving through many different terrains of the game. Each terrain has its own different challenge, you have to try to go far on the roads. You can not let your car roll over if you do not want to lose. Let's play and conquer all the maps of the game!

How to play

The game has fairly simple gameplay. You just need to use the keys on the keyboard to control your car. You have to control the car carefully and can not let them turn over. If your car turns over, it will explode immediately and you lose. While driving, you must pay attention to the screen's fuel bar in the left corner. When this fuel bar runs out, you will not be able to move, so pay attention to collecting the cans of gasoline on the way.

How to control

  • Use the right arrow to move toward
  • Use the left arrow to balance
  • Use the SPACE bar to handbrake

Collect coins to buy and upgrade your car

While you move, pay attention to collecting coins on the road, these coins can help you buy new cars and upgrade your car.

The game has a lot of vehicles with different designs for you to choose from such as Jeep, Concept, F1, and so on. Choose a car you like and open up new adventures.

In addition, you can also upgrade the car in 4 parts, which are wheels, axles, engine, and fuel. You have to spend 5000 coins for each upgrade and it can be upgraded up to 12 times per part.